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    "This terrific guitarist, a Philadelphia favorite, worked wonders with Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez: in place of flamenco-fied fire, he played with elegance and fine-tuned precision. The fastest passages were distinct and clear; the subtlety with which he varied dynamics and timing from note to note was a marvel." Philadelphia Inquirer

    "virtuosic, flamboyant, dashing and, sometimes ineffably lyrical."
    New York Times

    "the guitar line fizzed with energy...A more alert, precise reading can hardly be imagined."
    New York Classical Review [full review]

    " of America's premier guitarists...Notes shone with different weights and hues; melodies were alive and recalled the nuanced beauty of light reflecting off a string of pearls...Vieaux's performance spun magic. Rarely has a single instrument so clearly painted such cinematic vistas and searching introspection."
    Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

    "Vieaux gave the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro (BWV 998) a stately, sharply articulated and subtly driven reading, in which the closing Allegro gradually took on the exciting qualities of a perpetual-motion piece."
    New York Times

    "[a] spirited and expressive guitarist"
    The New Yorker

    "The enormous range in the color and texture of his guitar sound reflected the changing characteristics of the music. In the several substantial cadenzas his playing was sometimes gentle and other times ferocious." [Aranjuez Concerto]

    "a substantially gifted guitarist whose playing revealed equal portions of stylistic elegance and technical polish."
    Baltimore Sun

    "Vieaux opened ears with his rhythmic clarity and remarkable left-hand facility....He made the single guitar seem like a body of instruments at work in music full of the emotion of loss."
    The Philadelphia Inquirer

    "Jason Vieaux [was] nimble-fingered in a Vivaldi Concerto that was remarkable for its variety of colors."
    Boston Globe

    "Guitarist Vieaux excelled in its flamenco-style flourishes, ethereal high notes and spiraling passage work." [Villa-Lobos, San Diego Symphony]
    San Diego Union Tribune

    "Vieaux gave a cleanly played performance full of personality. This gentle concerto (it was a favorite of Mata's) gave the soloist plenty of opportunities to display his technical skill."
    Fort-Worth Star Telegram/

    "His sense of colour, phrase shaping and beautifully expressive dynamics are remarkable. It is not easy, especially in a long fugue, to keep the listener with you...the playing displays consummate artistry"

    "Vieaux showed why he is among the most talented guitarists of his generation, a player whose effortless technique and fluidity gave the concerto a singing voice."
    Tampa Tribune

    "Allen Krantz's guitar concerto Songs of Innocence and Experience filtered Pacific Rim musics through Krantz's own American lens in a work so affable that with a charismatic interpreter like Jason Vieaux, it's bound to become standard guitar concerto repertoire."
    Philadelphia Inquirer

    "Jason Vieaux displayed dexterity in rapid passages, and a plaintive, singing tone during slower, more expressive moments." [Villa-Lobos, San Diego Symphony]

    "Visconti’s piece begins with an expansive solo in which the guitar intones a note-bending aria over droning string, in imitation of a sitar.... featured a nimble solo turn by guitarist Jason Vieaux" [Visconti, California Symphony]
    San Francisco Chronicle

    "The first thing one notices is his consummate technique, with a virtually flawless left hand and an almost total absence of the glistening sound of sliding fingers during position change. The technique is so secure that after five minutes one forgets about it and pays attention to matters of interpretation."
    Buffalo News

    "Vieaux lit into Jose Luis Merlin's "Suite del Recuerdo." His smooth phrasing and the dramatic pulsing swells he created on the low strings made this a tough act to follow."
    The Washington Post

    "...close to perfection...with a maturity, confidence, emotion and virtuosity which belie his youth..."
    Soundboard Magazine

    "Vieaux was first-class. One movement on Ponce's concierto del sur made me want to hear more of his work, such was the range of sounds he drew from his instrument."
    New Zealand Herald

    "Jason Vieaux has magic in his fingers... Vieaux gave an inspired and impeccably prepared recital before a large audience."
    The Daily Gazette

    "Vieaux shows why he flies above crowded field of classical guitarists"
    Buffalo News

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