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"suddenly we were in the unmistakable presence of greatness. He was no longer playing the piano; the music was playing him, and we rode the wave too."
The Globe & Mail, Toronto

"True to the Kuerti norm, the calibre of thought was high. Ornaments seemed spontaneous and musical, not mechanical and showy. The middle movement, paced quickly, was noble." [Beethoven 5th Piano Concerto, Montréal Symphony]
Montréal Gazette

"Anton Kuerti, one of the greatest living pianists, showed how it's done at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's latest masterworks concert."
Winnipeg Free Press

"In the second-movement aria, Kuerti shaped the melody with a manifold palette of articulation, innumerable precisely-cut facets, but also deployed an uncanny consistency of tone to give Beethoven’s more obsessive, repeated patterns a slow-burning intensity. An occasional delicate staccato and a touch of melting rubato emphasized the off-balance polyrhythms at the finale’s outset, making the movement’s thumping peroration all the more triumphant. After orchestra and soloist brought the music to a near-inaudible stillness, the piano positively detonated the blazing coda." [Beethoven 'Emporer' Concerto with the Boston Symphony] The Boston Globe

"Kuerti was meticulous in laying out a distinctive, tonally gleaming interpretation...His playing had a remarkable consistency. Runs, trills,
chords -- all had impeccable weight, color, balance, etc....His work was thus constantly fascinating, including even the unexpected notes and motifs he chose to accentuate."
Houston Chronicle

"His aura of intensity, a probing musical intelligence, and utter disdain for theatrics makes him among the most enjoyable of serious musicians before today’s public."
Boston Musical Intelligencer

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  Beethoven Concerto #5

Schumann Kreisleriana (youtube link)

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Anton Kuerti, piano                                                                          

The WholeNote March 2013 "a master in all of the pianistic and artistic demands ... a man happy at his work."

The Australian February 2013 [PDF]     "this was an Emperor for posterity"

Palm Beach Daily News, January 2013 [PDF] "a pianist with monumental technique and the artistry to make each phrase come alive."

South Florida Classical Review, January 2013 [PDF] "a paragon of technical fluency, insightful musicianship and refined artistry."
"Kuerti launched into Beethoven’s longest, most daunting piano work, the “Diabelli” Variations, with ease, wit, dexterous detail and an overarching sense of structure that linked the opening waltz — a middling creation by a music publisher named Anton Diabelli — to the 33 kaleidoscopic variations that followed over the next 54 minutes.

Beethoven’s enormous range of emotions sounded fresh in Kuerti’s rhythmically alert, transparent playing: from mock-heroic marches and comical Mozart quotes to serious Bachian fugues and forward-looking music foreshadowing Brahms and Chopin. The diaphanous curtain of chords Kuerti pulled back to reveal the final variation was one of many magical moments."  -- The Washington Post, July 2012

Montréal Gazette, April 2011 [PDF]

Winnipeg Free Press, February 2011 [PDF]

St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 2010 [PDF]

Toronto Globe & Mail, April 2010

Boston Musical Intelligencer, February 2010

La Scena Musicale, February 2010 (Austin, TX) pdf

Classical Voice of North Carolina, January 2010

Chronicle Herald, November 2009

De Telegraff [Concertgebouw], November 2009

Trouw [Concertgebouw], November 2009

Toronto Globe and Mail, June 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 2009

Concertgebouw, June 2008

Boston Globe, March 2008

Midland Symphony, September 2008

Columbus Symphony, May 2008

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April 2011: "Anton Kuerti, the Beethoven pianist of Canada…. was on stage for an “Emperor” Concerto which was more poetic than belligerent… sustained elegance …. splendidly phrased playing." [Montréal Symphony] Le Devoir

April 2011: "But the hero of the evening was Kuerti. I have heard Kuerti play Beethoven, I don’t know how many times; the concertos, the sonatas, in concert and on recordings. I have rarely been disappointed. This time he revisits the “Emperor”, one of those works one imagines one can no longer listen to….. Contrary to all expectations, this was a continually stimulating experience. Kuerti has so completely immersed himself in Beethoven’s music, during all these years, that he has come to resemble the composer!…..the Toronto pianist delivers an “Emperor” with ever profound intensity, and a stunning pianistic freshness….in regard to such a genial result, a few wrong notes don’t have the slightest importance." [Montréal Symphony] La Presse

March 2011: "
[Beethoven's Concerto No. 1 was] presented to the listeners by Anton Kuerti with tenderness, I would even say with love. The pianist knows well how to make the instrument sing. His legato is like velvet. Above all one sensed that the Orchestre Symphonique of Quebec, the conductor and the guest strove to play this music for the right reasons, which is to take leave of everything that makes life ordinary and to rediscover what makes it extraordinary, to escape the noises of everyday and open the ears to the fullness of beauty and harmony. It was not a coincidence that the soloist was recalled to the stage three times." [Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec] Le Soleil

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