Jason Vieaux, “among the elite of today’s classical guitarists” (Gramophone), is the classical guitarist that goes beyond the classical. He has earned a reputation for putting his expressive gifts and virtuosity at the service of a remarkably wide range of music, and his schedule of concerto, recital, chamber music, teaching and recording commitments is distinguished with return engagements throughout the U.S. and abroad. An award-winning artist from an early age, Vieaux won a Grammy Award in 2015 for his acclaimed cd, PLAY.

“You have to love a classical artist — any artist, for that matter — who manages to reference Bach, German composer Hans Werner Henze and California metalheads Deftones in the same sentence.” Lexington Herald-Leader

A sought-after concerto soloist, Jason Vieaux enjoys high praise or his performances the beloved Rodrigo ‘Aranjuez’ and a wide range of concerto repertoire beyond it. During the 2016-2017 season, Jason appears as soloist with more than a dozen symphony orchestras in works from Rodrigo, Ponce and Vivaldi to those of Aaron Jay Kernis, Jeff Beal, and Dan Visconti — whose new guitar concerto was commissioned for Jason by a consortium of U.S. orchestras. In 2017, Jason will record ‘House of Cards’ composer Jeff Beal’s new concerto, ‘Six Sixteen’ with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.

Vieaux’s solo recitals have been a feature at every major guitar series in North America, as well as many of the important guitar festivals in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Mexico. Recent and highlights include returns to the Caramoor Festival, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, and New York’s 92nd Street Y, as well as appearances from Changsha to Cartagena, Buenos Aires and Seoul. Vieaux’s appearances for Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Music@Menlo, Strings Music Festival, Grand Teton, and many others have forged his reputation as a first-rate chamber musician and programmer. He collaborates in recitals this season with Escher Quartet☨, acclaimed harpist Yolanda Kondonassis*, and accordion/bandoneón virtuoso Julien Labro. Vieaux’s passion for new music has fostered premieres of works by Dan Visconti, David Ludwig, Jerod Tate, Eric Sessler, José Luis Merlin and Gary Schocker.

Jason Vieaux has performed as concerto soloist with nearly 100 orchestras, including Cleveland, Houston, Toronto, San Diego, Ft. Worth, Santa Fe, Charlotte, Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Kitchener-Waterloo, Richmond, Edmonton, IRIS Chamber, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Chautauqua Festival, and New Hampshire Music Festival. Some of the conductors he has worked with include David Robertson, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Jahja Ling, Stefan Sanderling, Michael Stern, David Lockington, Steven Smith, and Edwin Outwater.

Vieaux continues to bring important repertoire alive in the recording studio as well. Beyond his Grammy-winning album, PLAY, Jason has released an additional eleven commercial CDs and including: Together with harpist Yolanda Kondonassis; Piazzolla with Julien Labro and A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra; Bach: Works for Lute, Vol.1; Sevilla: The Music of Isaac Albeniz, and Images of Metheny featuring music by American jazz legend Pat Metheny, who, after hearing this landmark recording, declared: “I am flattered to be included in Jason’s musical world.” Soon to be released is a second CD with Julien Labro, and a disc with the acclaimed Escher Quartet, with which Jason tours regularly. Discography.

In 2012, the Jason Vieaux School of Classical Guitar was launched with ArtistWorks Inc., an unprecedented technological interface that provides one-on-one online study with Vieaux for guitar students around the world. In 2011, he co-founded the guitar department at The Curtis Institute of Music, and he has taught at the Cleveland Institute of Music since 2001.

Vieaux is a member of the Advisory Board of the Guitar Foundation of America, and is affiliated with Philadelphia’s Astral Artists. His primary teachers were Jeremy Sparks and John Holmquist. In 1992 he was awarded the prestigious GFA International Guitar Competition First Prize, the event’s youngest winner ever. He is also honored with a Naumburg Foundation top prize, a Cleveland Institute of Music Alumni Achievement Award, and a Salon di Virtuosi Career Grant. In 1995, Vieaux was an Artistic Ambassador of the U.S. to Southeast Asia.

For more information, visit www.jasonvieaux.com; Jason is tweeting @JasonVieaux, and his Facebook fan page is www.facebook.com/jasonvieaux.

☨ The Escher Quartet appears by arrangement with Arts Management Group www.artsmg.com

* Yolanda Kondonassis appears by arrangement with Colbert Artists Management Inc., www.colbertartists.com.

Latest News

“perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation.” — NPR

Grammy® Award Winner PLAY (Azica Records) Best Instrumental Classical Solo  

PLAY is “part of the revitalized interest in the classical guitar” — Huffington Post

“This terrific guitarist, a Philadelphia favorite, worked wonders with Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez: in place of flamenco-fied fire, he played with elegance and fine-tuned precision. The fastest passages were distinct and clear; the subtlety with which he varied dynamics and timing from note to note was a marvel.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer“virtuosic, flamboyant, dashing and, sometimes ineffably lyrical.”
New York Times

“the guitar line fizzed with energy…A more alert, precise reading can hardly be imagined.”
New York Classical Review [full review]

“[Vieaux] makes everything look and sound easy. An uncommonly relaxed figure onstage, he seems immersed entirely in the moment. Every note comes out fully formed, but nothing he does feels premeditated, and the music, just a little understated, speaks eloquently for itself.
Washington Post

“…one of America’s premier guitarists…Notes shone with different weights and hues; melodies were alive and recalled the nuanced beauty of light reflecting off a string of pearls…Vieaux’s performance spun magic. Rarely has a single instrument so clearly painted such cinematic vistas and searching introspection.”
Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

“Jason Vieaux blew me away with his Saturday afternoon performance which, true to form, ran the gamut from Giuliani and Bach to Pat Metheny and Antonio Carlos Jobim (and plenty more). I heard three big Bach pieces performed on Saturday—all superbly rendered—but there was something special about the way Vieaux handled the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro, BWV 998 that I have difficulty articulating. It was more than just the natural smoothness and utterly rhythmic command with which he executed it; it was also the deep feeling he communicated with little vibrato touches throughout. He is a truly special player. ”
Classical Guitar Magazine [full review]

“Vieaux gave the Prelude, Fugue and Allegro (BWV 998) a stately, sharply articulated and subtly driven reading, in which the closing Allegro gradually took on the exciting qualities of a perpetual-motion piece.”
New York Times

“[a] spirited and expressive guitarist”
The New Yorker

“One of the things I love about Jason Vieaux’s performance, which is the best I’ve heard, is how he pulls out all the stops in this movement without any sense of losing control. Comedy is famously hard, and it’s hardest of all to pull off in music. There’s a lot of layers here: Vieaux carefully negotiates the complex technical logistics while putting across Ginastera’s take-off of Wagner’s not-as-subtle put-down of Sixtus Beckmesser. Vieaux makes the whole Sonata sound completely organic, and this fine performance only emphasizes the importance of this piece in the Classical Guitar literature.” [CD Review- Ginastera: One Hundred]
Music for Several Instruments

“The enormous range in the color and texture of his guitar sound reflected the changing characteristics of the music. In the several substantial cadenzas his playing was sometimes gentle and other times ferocious.” [Aranjuez Concerto]

“a substantially gifted guitarist whose playing revealed equal portions of stylistic elegance and technical polish.”
Baltimore Sun

“Vieaux opened ears with his rhythmic clarity and remarkable left-hand facility….He made the single guitar seem like a body of instruments at work in music full of the emotion of loss.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Jason Vieaux [was] nimble-fingered in a Vivaldi Concerto that was remarkable for its variety of colors.”
Boston Globe

“Guitarist Vieaux excelled in its flamenco-style flourishes, ethereal high notes and spiraling passage work.” [Villa-Lobos, San Diego Symphony]
San Diego Union Tribune

“Vieaux gave a cleanly played performance full of personality. This gentle concerto (it was a favorite of Mata’s) gave the soloist plenty of opportunities to display his technical skill.”
Fort-Worth Star Telegram/DFW.com

“His sense of colour, phrase shaping and beautifully expressive dynamics are remarkable. It is not easy, especially in a long fugue, to keep the listener with you…the playing displays consummate artistry”

“Vieaux showed why he is among the most talented guitarists of his generation, a player whose effortless technique and fluidity gave the concerto a singing voice.”
Tampa Tribune

“Allen Krantz’s guitar concerto Songs of Innocence and Experience filtered Pacific Rim musics through Krantz’s own American lens in a work so affable that with a charismatic interpreter like Jason Vieaux, it’s bound to become standard guitar concerto repertoire.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Jason Vieaux displayed dexterity in rapid passages, and a plaintive, singing tone during slower, more expressive moments.” [Villa-Lobos, San Diego Symphony]
San Diego.com

“Visconti’s piece begins with an expansive solo in which the guitar intones a note-bending aria over droning string, in imitation of a sitar…. featured a nimble solo turn by guitarist Jason Vieaux” [Visconti, California Symphony]
San Francisco Chronicle

“The first thing one notices is his consummate technique, with a virtually flawless left hand and an almost total absence of the glistening sound of sliding fingers during position change. The technique is so secure that after five minutes one forgets about it and pays attention to matters of interpretation.”
Buffalo News

“Vieaux lit into Jose Luis Merlin’s “Suite del Recuerdo.” His smooth phrasing and the dramatic pulsing swells he created on the low strings made this a tough act to follow.”
The Washington Post

“…close to perfection…with a maturity, confidence, emotion and virtuosity which belie his youth…”
Soundboard Magazine

“Vieaux was first-class. One movement on Ponce’s concierto del sur made me want to hear more of his work, such was the range of sounds he drew from his instrument.”
New Zealand Herald

“Jason Vieaux has magic in his fingers… Vieaux gave an inspired and impeccably prepared recital before a large audience.”
The Daily Gazette

“Vieaux shows why he flies above crowded field of classical guitarists”
Buffalo News

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“…perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation.” NPR

Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/2017 “Vieaux played with fiery vigor and technical brilliance.” “These had a distinctive bite in Vieaux’s hands, indicative of his flair for style and substance.” [Rodrigo, Sierra concertos]

ClevelandClassical.com 12/2016 “Vieaux’s and Labro’s high-energy playing perfectly captures the Tango Nuevo flavor of the Argentine masters.”

Washington Post 10/2016 “Every note comes out fully formed, but nothing he does feels premeditated…”

San Jose Mercury News 5/2016 “played with terrific commitment”

San Francisco Classical Voice 5/2016 “excellent performance throughout”

New York Classical Review  4/2016 “Tautly played by Jason Vieaux, the guitar line fizzed with energy… A more alert, precise reading can hardly be imagined.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/2016 “This terrific guitarist, a Philadelphia favorite, worked wonders with Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez”

New York Times, 2/2015 “virtuosic, flamboyant, dashing and, sometimes ineffably lyrical.”

Boston Musical Intelligencer 5/2015  “…five classical pros…”
“Add Jason Vieaux to the Escher String Quartet and it becomes inarguable that there is a very deep sensitivity to what all the members are doing.”

Albuquerque Journal 11/2014  “natural fluency, idiomatic phrasing and superb technique.”

Tulsa World 10/2014 “Vieaux combines a surprisingly sharp, percussive attack with fingering of such fluid precision to create a truly singing tone that gave this very familiar music the sort of energy that made it sound fresh and new.”

NPR Music’s 50 Favorite Songs Of 2014  “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation.”

ClevelandClassical.com 6/2014 with Julien Labro    “the dynamic duo performed from one musical mind… perfectly in sync”

Soundboard Magazine CD Review 3/2014 “If you ever want to give a friend a disc that will cement his or her love for the guitar, this is a perfect candidate. Very highly recommended.”

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/2014   [Corigliano Concerto] “Vieaux’s virtuosity emerged in rapidly articulated passages….”

WQXR CD Review 2/2014     “displays of dexterity and rhythmic agility… lyrical elegance” [Featured CD]

Philadelphia CityPaper  2/2014 (feature)   “he tackles composers as varied as Andrés Segovia and Duke Ellington with grace, expressive intensity and flawless technical execution.”

San Jose Mercury News 6/2013        “The program had a third hero, classical guitarist Jason Vieaux, a renowned player … can stretch a chord like taffy while letting each component note sparkle.”

Philadelphia Inquirer  1/2013    “…he uses vibrato and color for interpretive points when most demanded, and with particularly arresting effect, in part because your ears don’t take them for granted.”

Buffalo News 10/2012 (with harpist Yolanda Kondonassis)

Boston Musical Intelligencer 10/2012 (with Julien Labro, Bandoneon)

WGBH Drive-Time-Live 10/2012 (with Julien Labro, Bandoneon)

Cleveland Classical 6/2012 “stunning expressiveness and a fine sense of pace.”

Santa Barbara News Press 5/2012

Cleveland Plain Dealer 4/2012 (with harpist Yolanda Kondonassis)

Buffalo News 12/2011 (with the Buffalo Philharmonic)

ClevelandClassical.com 5/2011(with harpist Yolanda Kondonassis)

ClevelandClassical.com 1/2011

Cleveland Plain Dealer 1/2011

Boston Globe 12/2010 (with A Far Cry and Julien Labro)    *Related Article: New CD with A Far Cry

News-Times 10/2010  (with the Escher String Quartet)

Fort-Worth Star Telegram/DFW.com 10/2010 (Fort Worth Symphony)

Ottawa Citizen Preview & Interview 9/2010

San Jose Mercury News 8/2010

Fort-Worth Star Telegram/DFW.com 7/2010

Kalamazoo Gazette/mlive.com 7/2010

Baltimore Sun 12/09

Daily Gazette 11/09

Charlotte Observer 10/09 (Charlotte Symphony)

Virginia Pilot 9/09

Kalamazoo Gazette 10/09

Absolute Sound 6/09

Gramophone Magazine 5/09

Journal & Courier 4/28/09 (Lafayette Symphony)

Idaho Statesman 4/19/09 (Boise Philharmonic)

The Capital 4/3/09 (Annapolis Symphony)

Tampa Tribune 3/29/09 (The Florida Orchestra)

Buffalo News 11/24/08 (Vivaldi Festival)

“Thanks to his supreme command of color, Vieaux’s performances of three works by Albéniz were the highlight of the evening. The lilting transparency of Albeniz’ Mallorca brought to mind a brightly colored veil blowing in a gentle wind, and the facile fingerwork, tang, and shifts of dynamics and shading in Torre Bermeja were masterful. The beauty of Vieaux’s playing, which undulated with understated elegance, brought forth smiles and cheers from the audience.” (Music @ Menlo Festival) TheClassicalReview.com [2010]

“Allen Krantz’s guitar concerto Songs of Innocence and Experience filtered Pacific Rim musics through Krantz’s own American lens in a work so affable that with a charismatic interpreter like Jason Vieaux, it’s bound to become standard guitar concerto repertoire.” Philadelphia Inquirer [2008]

“The fine guitarist Jason Vieaux led off with his own “Five Songs in the Form of a Baroque Suite,” an arrangement of works by Johann Sebastian Bach interspersed with songs by Pat Metheny, for acoustic guitar. The idea of arranging Metheny’s music in Baroque dance forms – here an allemande, there a chaconne – is a clever one. Vieaux offered clear, clean, sensitive playing throughout.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch [St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Guitar Festival, 2008]

“Joined by Madrid-born guest conductor Pedro Halffter at the podium, Vieaux showed why he is among the most talented guitarists of his generation, a player whose effortless technique and fluidity gave the concerto a singing voice.” Tampa Tribune  [The Florida Orchestra, 2008]

“He followed the concerto with an encore, the popular Vivaldi lute concerto slow movement that everyone knows. Again, what a moment. You could see people draped over the balcony rails, sitting forward in their seats, loving every note.” The Buffalo News [2008]

“Vieaux’s talent is so huge, and has been apparent for so long… He is still the most accomplished guitarist I have heard with my own ears, and that’s a list that starts with Segovia.” Absolute Sound [2006]

“Jason Vieaux has arranged some of Metheny’s most striking compositions for his solo instrument — and plays them with clarion beauty. The resulting album is an inspired masterpiece,with appeal far beyond classical and jazz listeners to virtually anyone who
loves music.” The Star-Ledger [2005]

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